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some things that i love as of late....

this CD is great. i heard a few song from myspace and had trouble locating it a while back. since then, of course, it can be found at Target. but my sister, surprised me by sending it in the mail for me. She's amazing:):)

hanging with my friend B at a white sox game a couple weeks ago...we had fun, even in the nose bleed section:) They played the BLUE JAYS. and if you know anything about me, you know that i was stoked to see them play...:) Jays lost though...booo
The view from of the city from the stadium after the game... the sky was much more colorful than shown here, but what can you do? we were a short subway ride from home...:)

next was the AVP (Assocation of Volleyball Professional) Chicago Open which was played this past weekend at the beach near my house. i was able to go both days with my friend B, and we had an amazing time, watching both the Men's finals (Saturday) and Women's finals (Sunday)
these are the men's finals warm up...both the women and men's finals were shown on NBC. Sunday, we had court side seats so we were down on the front row, down in the left hand corner of the pic above...on replays i could see us on tv...WE WERE ON NATIONAL TELEVISION...yeha...haha
oh so much fun:):)

so, i've been in a 'bag' mood lately, and have recently purchased a couple really great ones...this one i purchased at the AVP Chicago Open. it's awesome.
and last but not least, i found this little guy last time i went grocery shopping. how cruel is that. to allow people to buy a small amount of cookie dough. who actually Makes eight cookies? you EAT 8 cookies-worth of cookie dough, you don't actually BAKE them. just horrible for the well intentioned diet. they're way too easy to eat in 2 sittings...or one...umm...

ok, so that's enough procrastination for me for a while. i'm tired of work. but i have SOO much to learn and soo much to read tonight. i feel like i'm fighting to keep above water but i'm feeling like i'm not sure i'm gonna make it. overwhelming.

and can i say it?? i miss my old team. a lot. change can be oh so bitter/sweet.
ok, back to the learning about how the State of Illinois has screwed us all over with Rule 132. oh, yeah, the state budget, which was supposed to be finished as of August 1, hasn't been passed yet cause the politicians can't agree on how to spend their money...and people might not get paid this month. checks. Thank good ness my company is good for three months of not getting state funding to continue paying it's employees, but if this keeps up, we could be in trouble too. the poor people in small not-for-profits that are getting f*^$ed.

and, one of my staff had her apartment broken into last night. her and the other 4 apartments in her building had things stolen...doors kicked completely in. thank goodness she wasn't home when it happened.
this world is scary...
and so, i try to enjoy the little things like cute bags, CDs, and cookie dough, that make me smile and make my days a little brighter:)


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