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so, call me crazy, but even though i like a city full of people, i'm somewhat of a private person and have enjoyed it when both other people who live off of the court yard with me moved out b/c then i had it to myself.


about a month ago, people moved in to one of the apartments, and it's frustrating because they mentioned the first day i met them that they could 'spruce up' the long time-ago garden that my dog likes to walk all over when he's doing his 'business'. normally my dog roams the courtyard as he pleases, but now, as of last week, and then more again today, the neighbors planted shrubs and greens in the freakin 'garden'. PLANTS, like they wasted their own money to try to make this joint look better. and while i can understand that a little,...their little plants are NOT going to make the whole courtyard look better. and plus, now i feel bad every time i take out brayson. i don't mind cleaning up after him all the time, to keep things cleaner, but he's picky in where he poops and he's used to going where they now have plants, and i feel bad letting him walk there, but he always walks there, and i didn't vote on planting crap in the garden. so... also, someone new moved into the place right next to me, and the other day she winced and got all afraid of brayson when he was excited (aka barking) to meet her. so, now if i don't leash him every time i take him out, i worry about them coming home and him going up to them, excited (aka barking) as they're trying to go tho their own apartment. the last guy who lived there was a hermit and i saw him about 6 times in 7 months.

i guess i've been spoiled at letting him go out on his own and not worrying about where he goes, but frankly, it's really nice and easy. now i have to be considerate of other people...stupid being nice.

not that i mean to complain. i really have a lot to be thankful for but that's for next post...:)


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Photo of the courtyard please.

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