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so...isn't it strange how much can change in a week's time. last weekend, was VERY LOW KEY...aka i spent a lot of time on my own. last week, i had a hard time being home friday night. it's not like i haven't done many a friday evening chillin with my pooch watching a rerun or two of the latest Grey's Anatomy episodes. sometimes i hate it, sometimes i don't. sometimes i'm home cause i have nothing else to do, and sometimes by choice....the results of moving to a huge city of people you don't know. Sometimes i'm in the mood to be realistic that it's not that i don't have friends here, i do, but a social life, a real, fulfilling social life, doesn't come over night, or over week, or month even. I've moved around ALOT in my life time, and it's always the second YEAR that i finally feel like i belong somewhere. Sometimes i am realistic and acknowledge that i know myself well, i know that i don't just up and make friends with any joe shmoe that wants to hang out. i take my time, i make my social time time worthwhile, and more often than not, i enjoy and need my alone time. Last week, was the 'not' part, i was not thinking realistically, and i was Not in the mood. i was also adjusting to not being with my sister 24/7 like i had been the previous 12 or so days.

needless to say, THis week was different, This was looking forward to coming home, walking the pooch (a MUCH overdue event), putting in Bobby which i rented last weekend and haven't had time to watch yet, curling up on the couch and hanging out with notne other than myself.

part of my good mood is unexplainable, and part of it isn't. i had a good week. a hard week, but a good one. i was challenged countless times by the frustrated (not frustrating)...FrustratED staff that i have graciously been put in leadership of, and i feel that even though we are in the beginning stages of positive change, i think it is possible to make going to work a good thing, for all of us involved. i stayed at work today til 7pm doing things that are proving simply IMpossible to do when ANyone else is in the building because everyone chats all the time and i don't have a door to politely, yet consistantly, close. I have received positive feedback from 2 of my supervisors this week and had a great long conversation with one of them who has seen my struggles this week and encouraged me to continue on the road i have begun. (side note: it seems that purhaps the staff is looking to me to fix all of the previous problems of the team, and as tensions rise, they want me to pick their sides. however, how many different sides can one person be on at the same, getting everyone on board of the Same side is my goal, the same side that works together with our clients as focus, etc.)

maybe i'm in a good mood because i'm going to a White Sox/Blue Jays game this weekend and i'm totally stoked cause i've wanted to see the Sox all summer, and now i get to see them against my favorite team ever...ok, so can i name a current Blue Jay player? no, but i'll never forget the team of 92/93 and the World Series game i saw where Joe Carter hit a 2 run home run to beat the Philadelphia Phillies. you can't beat that. so i'm excited anyways..pththth

or it's because i signed my lease for my apartment for another year, well, almost year, because i'll be outta here end of May instead of end of September...and holy crap, i felt surprisingly amazing that day cause i know i'm getting outta here. i didn't think it was that big a deal, but i'm really excited about the prospect of leaving this basement, bug infested place. ok, so maybe it's not That surprising, but considering the amazing location and convenience of where i live, i think i figured it would be less dramatic and more sad to leave. i guess peace of mind that bugs aren't probably crawling all over you when you sleep is better than a three block walk to the beach on any day of the year.

anyways, now that it's almost 9pm and i have to work tomorrow, i'm gonna get this party started, ditch the internet for a while and enjoy myself some good entertainment.

Later BEOtches...::winks::


Blogger Tee said...

Ummm. Hold on. Where are you going in May????

7:07 PM  
Blogger Reshae said...

for the record, i'm not going anywhere in May, but now i have the option...either stay or look for another place...why?? where are You going in May??

miss you tee

9:53 PM  
Blogger Tee said...

This comment has been removed by the author.

7:36 AM  
Blogger Tee said...

Well it looks like I might be in the Caribbean next May...going to Med School. I know I'm crazy but you're only young once, right? :) I'm applying right now...wish me luck!

7:37 AM  

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