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back to reality, oh there goes gravity...

nothing like a little eminem to get back to the blogging...and back to work, and back to...everything really. where to start, where to start.

so, i went on vacation, it was great. i seriously believe that my family needs to be less possessive of their own state and begin to move closer to IL. what's not to like?? seriously.

the trip included hanging out with my sister for my bday and heading to gr to drink a little at Rocky's to continue the celebration. we headed to NY to fix up dad's house and help alleviate some stress. we worked on the kitchen, a bedroom, the garage and basement. lots of work, trust me. and after a round of golf (of which i somewhat held my own), a few nights out with some old friends, and enjoying breakfast at Jim's, we headed back to the midwest, and eventually back to chi town for work and my sis's bday celebration, including shopping and great food. going back to work was difficult, but not as difficult as it was to say goodbye to my sis and bro again.

today was good though, after a frustrating week last week at beach volleyball, i decided to go back anyways and continue to try to build some friendships. it was better this week...

i find myself now, sitting and watching Arrested Development episodes which i've been renting because they were recommended and though they're strange, they're great. and plus, Zach Braff was just on in a short segment, and Jason Bateman, who doesn't want to watch complete dysfunction and Jason Bateman...entertaining And HOT.

anyways, like usual, i finish with some great pics...
yay for people always ready for a good time!!...
time for a drink or two...
dad, me and sis in our backyard in NY...saying goodbye
That's the CN tower from across the lake...on the highway near St. Catherine's....sooo awesome:)
uh, brayson thought that this wall was the door...and every time he came down the stairs he would wait by it as if to be ready to go outside. we had one more flight of stairs to descend before we got to the real door. i love him, but he's not all that bright sometimes!!!
me and sis on navy pier...happy bday girlie!!
so, a little blurry, but that's where i live. three blocks in...!!


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