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so, here's a pic of my courtyard...which is really just an area in between a wall from another building and my building. My door is on the left in the back by the bikes and that white chair thing, (which is gross cause brayson pees on it. it will also fall over with a small push of a finger).

as you can see, some house plants have been added to the appearance??? and i didn't put that plastic bag on the brick wall on the right. it was there this morning when i left for work.
turns out that these little guys, that i thought the neighbors put there were put there by my landlord, who i hate, so i don't mind nearly as much if brayson walks all over them...however, the neighbors do think that it's 'nice' of the landlord to have tried to help and that it does look nicer. boooo hisssss. and they are nice neighbors, not the one that's afraid of brayson, so i don't want to make them hate me. they had tons of people over last night, and they seem really nice. we'll see...


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