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-really? i never knew that..
-yep, i know it's crazy, right?
-right, wow
- i know
-i never would have thought it
-i know, i thought the same thing
-wow, that's so cool
-i know...
-i've always wanted to go there
-yeah me too
-we should totally go sometime
-yeah, that sounds great
-yea it does, we should go..
-ok, cool

this is why meeting people is difficult, who wants to do that conversation over and over again?

in all actuality, the person i had that conversation with is very nice and we're probably going to chicago's Movie in the Park tomorrow night...i've wanted to go but haven't yet. hopefully it will be fun. and in truth, volley ball has been a great way to meet nice people. i'm starting to feel like i fit in...a bit...slowly. cool. yeah. cool. ... ...


Blogger Sheonaid said...

have you ever thought about writing a book? you really are a great writer... i could read your writing all night. no really. really. really... do you believe me yet? ily

9:52 PM  

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