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an unwanted view

the other day, i was driving home a different way than normal because my day ended at a client's house instead of at the office. as i drove home in the city streets instead of the highway, i enjoyed stop sign after stop sign, stop light after stop light. i finally got near my apartment and began the work of finding a place to park my car. as i was stopped at a stop sign, with a young family crossing the street in front of me, behind them i could see the lake, so blue. i glanced over a little to see a man who was sitting on a ledge by the side walk, probably waiting for someone to pick him up, or just a short rest on his walk somewhere else. he looked nice enough, and even though i only glanced at him for a couple seconds, i began to feel a bit uneasy. for here was a man, sitting by the sidewalk, resting his hands on his knees, open as many men sit, short shorts, and...what was that??? did i just see HIM peaking out of his shorts??? it couldn't be. that only happened on Friends when Pheobe's boyfriend gave the rest of the friends a view every time he stopped by in Central Perk to chat. No, no...ladies and gentleman...this really happened. and though for a second, as i finally turned the corner, i felt sad for him if he really, indeed was unaware that a cool breeze was reaching a part of his body that should be tucked away from the public eye...i thought about going around the block one more time to mention something. but responsibility??? i think not.

does anyone have a trick for getting unwanted pictures out of your head????


Blogger iloveredheads said...

haha..nice...i want to live in your neighborhood

12:13 PM  

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