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an apology...sort of. monday started a little bumpy, i'll say...for me, and for the poor chump who works for Enterprise and made me late for work. by the end of the interaction, neither of us were very happy, and i have decided never to use Enterprise 'rent a car' on Pulaski and Archer ever again.

a couple months ago, sadly, i ran my car into the side railing of the median on lake shore drive. a small and heartbreaking fact that i believe didn't make the post sooner because i was embarrassed and felt pathetic for screwing up my nice perfect brand new car. so, it was finally time to give it away to greasy men who said they can fix it for three whole days. i feel like a mom with a baby, i miss it already and hope that they're taking care of it like i do...(or better considering the reason it's in the shop in the first place).

anyway...this morning i left early to bring the car to the scratch-fixer-upper-place, and stood outside waiting for my ride to Enterprise to get my rental. I called last wednesday and set up for them to come get me around 7:45 so that i wouldn't be late for work. 8am comes around and i call them to make sure that they're on their way. The guy on the other line saidn "oh, um, we'll have someone there in a few minutes." i said, "wait, have you not left yet?" to which he quickly replied "we'll be there in a few minutes" and hung up. from then on, something switched and i was furious. these are the reasons i came up with:
1. i HATE being late for work
2. i HATE being late for work when i planned everything to make sure that i wouldn't be late for work.
3. i HATE setting something up, especially when it's with an incompetant company that doesn't know how to follow through and deliver services that you're counting on.
4. i HATE when they know i'm really pissed and do Nothing about it, then try to charge me for a more expensive car because they didn't have any of the cheaper ones...the cheaper ONE that i already called about and they said they'd have ready. the guy has the gall to move as slow as absolutely possible, slowly types in my name and my information...then about 5 minutes later asks if i want to look around the parking lot to pick out a car. i said to him, "i really don't care. i want a car that will get me to work, i don't care what kind it is." he slowly kept going and had to ask a coworker what a Solara was. He gave me a Chrysler Sebring.

I wish i knew exactly why i became so mad so fast. and i couldn't shake it. the whole damn ten minute ride in the car with this annoying young guy just made me more pissed. i think it was because they screwed up and made me late, and he didn't even know what was going on.

mostly, i've been feeling stressed out all weekend about work, and i feel way behind when i get to work on time, let alone late. i've been going in early almost every day to make sure i'm on top of things and i get frustrated when i'm trying to be on top of things and other people's mistakes screw me up. and it's not like it was the worst thing in the world. i truly did survive. so i suppose that i should apologize for my behavior this morning. but it's nice that this is on the internet and that punk will never know ...


this is the replacement for the next two days...
uh, i like mine better...


Anonymous Middle East Feet said...



11:59 AM  
Blogger Reshae said...

i don't even know what that means.

12:03 AM  
Anonymous Anonymous said...

Your last line about YOU feel you should apologize is brought on by THEIR stupidity and lack of acknowledging such. No need to apologize for the mediocrity of, and lack of respect by, others.
By the way, nice car!!

11:16 AM  
Anonymous Anonymous said...

I like yours better, too. :)

11:18 AM  
Anonymous Anonymous said...

-jack nicholson's character on a word you can say to calm yourself in anger management

11:21 AM  

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