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Satur-day that became late afternoon...

Do you ever feel like you’re in a mood of being profound but haven’t been enlightened by anything profound yet? That’s kind of where I am today. It’s weird. I feel like I’m pensive but when I go over what I’ve been thinking about, it’s nothing earth shattering or significant at all. Oh well.

I’m sitting at Buckingham Fountain, the big fountain downtown Chicago. i came here to try to get some paperwork done...i wasn't in the mood to sit in my apartment on Saturday afternoon as there aren't going to be many nice days left before cold weather takes over and we all hibernate. The bus ride over here was interesting. I got on and it was literally packed to the brim. I stood in front of a guy who was almost falling out of the door next to the bus driver. Tourists were asking her questions about how to get to Navy Pier and other places. Is it lame that I like it that I live in a place that people make special plans to visit? It’s a little chilly and at the other edge of the bench on which I am currently sitting is a homeless man. We’re both enjoying people watching, and he’s drying out/airing out his shoes with newspapers which are stuffed inside of them. He nearly coughed up half a lung a few minutes ago and I was seriously concerned for him. It’s always cool here cause there’s almost always guaranteed a wedding party or two out for pictures. It’s getting chilly though and wouldn’t want to be out w/o my hoodie. I can see the lake from here, and it’s a fierce blue like no other…

Well, I’ve now tried getting internet access at Millenium Park….same area as the big fountain but a little further north on the map. There are wireless connections available, but as I’m not a computer genius from the Geek Squad…or anything remotely close to one, I can’t figure out how to get to the internet. It says I’ve joined the network and that the signal is excellent, but the network address is still being ‘aquired’. I don’t know. Anyways, I’ll be heading home soon. Time to meet up with some people for a drink and then a play at the theatre. no idea what the play is, just that there's someone from the church group in it. There are cops to my right with two young teenagers sitting on a bench. A cop car just got here with its lights on and an officer has now joined the other cops and the millennium park security. Not sure what they did…but I’m trying not to be nosey…. One of the kids was just hand cuffed. You never know what you’re gonna see here in the Windy City...

Wrigley Fountain is where I’ve been able to get to the internet, but it’s so slow that I don’t think it’s worth it. Which is sad cause I’d love to be able to come here and enjoy being outside and still get work done…oh well, what’s a girl to do??

looks like i didn't get Any work done.

So, before I start rambling and becoming super boring…if I haven’t reached that time already…I’ll end this post. Later beeoches.


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