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burn baby burn

ok, so today was a crazy good day. and nothing incredibly amazing happened, but it was a great day. tuesdays are the days when i get to, as team leader, stay in the office instead of go on visits to do paper work. even though we have two major meetings, the rest of the day should be mine. some tuesdays prove to be productive, while others, no matter how much i try to get stuff done, i feel like i don't get a chance to sit down and do anything long enough to complete a single project or task. today, however, was NOT one of those, my friends, it was one of the super productive, get rid of all the piles on my desk, get information i've been after for weeks, send faxes that i keep getting emails about, update info and mail applications. i delegated tasks to other team members, advocated for much needed changes and everyone liked the brownies i made and brought in this morning. and even with all of this work done, i have about three hours of notes to write tonight so that i'm not a whole 7 days behind on my billing. i felt so good today when i came home, i took brayson on a 45 minute run. not a walk, no not a slow, around One block walk, a FORTY FIVE MINUTE RUN. i tell ya, my Nano, Li'l Guy, makes running a freakin Breeze...and even when i felt every loose and flabby part of my boddy bounce with each step, and my legs burned and seemed to yell, WHat the hell are you doing to me, i kept going until i thought i just might fall over. and the great thing about pushing yourself hard is the feeling of relief and accomplishment when you're done that make it all worth it. brayson seemed to like it that's always a bonus.

anyways, with tomorrow comes visits and busy-ness and more paperwork and notes, but after last week which made me contemplate quiting the job all together...(not really, but pretty damn close)...this was just what i needed. except for the fact that i can barely get up cause my legs hurt...i guess that's what i get!!!


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Thats awesome! I love those days!

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