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oh life...

so, it's thursday and it's been a really strange week. not a bad week, per se, but a strange one, it includes some work, some play, some more doctor's visits and way too much couch time. i'll explain.

monday and tuesday actually felt like 2 weeks sqweezed into two days. by 10 am monday morning, both myself and the secretary that works for us were both pulling out hair out insisting that Friday Must be coming soon. or at least the end of the day. by 1pm we just looked at each other and threw up our hands and kept going. One thing after another after another. One member in crisis while another one shows up causing a scene, while another is being admitted into a hospital, staff are behind on their care plans and complaining, and i think that either 8 hands or a 3 more clones would really help make life a little less ...excuse the word...insane.

the positive was that after work, i was able to hang out with a friend from out of town...even though he arrived later than planned. sharing music and stories was a great distraction to what was another more than unbelievable day on Tuesday, more staff issues to be dealt with...the whole nine yards. Tuesday evening involved dinner with said friend IC,
a joined drink with RR
and then a fun Jazz club
in near sub zero temperatures and windy snow conditions that made that cab drivers somewhat nervous on the streets. More sharing of music and more cold conditions in my apartment. we did have a great time, regardless of the cold January Chicago weather!! Wednesday i woke up with a right eye as red as an apple, and while it was sad to see my friend move on on his trip to California, i'm still holding my breath that he doesn't get sick too. after a trip to the doctor, i'm on Pink Eye Diagnosis #3...and prescribed to stay at home for the next three days...AGAIN. trust me, i've been beyond livid about this...i've been having trouble with dry eyes for the last few weeks and even went out to get a humidifier to help with the dryness from the extra heater in my apartment but seriously, pink eye again...uurrgh. it's like a bad dream i just can't wake up from or a really bad movie. today i went to an ophthomologist who dilated my eyes like a drug addict and put yellow drops in them. he said he sees trouble with the tear ducts on my upper eye lids, which somewhat helps understand why my eyes have been so dry...or at least have not been able to replenish tears/wetness to keep my eyes normal. There's also been some suspicion about the newer brand of contact lenses i started about 5 mnts ago. Either way, translation for treatment: lots of medicine, glasses for the next month at least, and hope that we can make sure this doesn't happen again. So i've been lazy, spending time watching movies and tv or napping. urgh.

I'm debating right now about going to a church event tomorrow night that i said i'd help volunteer for like a month ago. It's a huge benefit that people get all dressed up for and spend $175 per plate for dinner, buy things at a silent auction and then party all night. This, of course, i can not even close to afford. In volunteering i get to 'work' for the first four hours and then party with everyone else who's there, therefore attending the event for's a big event they call the 'church prom' which is lame, but it's supposed to be one of the most fun events of the year. it will technically be just over 2 24 hr days of doc said i'm contagious for about 2 really don't wanna miss this event. but i think i'm gonna have to. suck.

so, some good, and some not good things this week. i'm bored and tired of being sick. but such is life....


Blogger iloveredheads said...

is that last picture what things look like when you have pink eye...if so i want whatever you\ve got because i bet all guys look like they are redheads then..hehe..hope you\re feeling better

5:38 AM  

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