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is it 2008 already??

ok. so. some pics from Christmas/New Years. and perhaps a story or two....
a long ride to Grand Rapids (for some ZZzz) and then to Rochester
brayson totally took over, pushed me into the windshield and took my seat next to sis...can't you see the satisfaction in his eyes? or is that fear i see??

So, with my second bout of pink eye...(urgh)...i couldn't be a hermit the whole Christmas vacation and we all went out for dinner. i refused pics though..well, except for this one...
aren't they pretty?
yummy dessert crepes for breakfast:)
ok, so here's the story with this pic. So, we were back in Chicago after Christmas but before New Year's and we went out for a night on the town. a little while here, some time there..we end up at a club and had just dropped our coats at the coat check and we're starting our second drinks by the bar. all of a sudden we hear the sad attempt at imitating dogs, and i look at sis and said "if those guys are BARKING at us...we're SO out of here". turns out, one dark and attractive guy and his friend were actually barking at us. and i have to say, i denied my urge to throw my drink in his face, with a "you've GOT to be kidding me" as we both turn away to leave...but i didn't. i didn't want to waste my drink on a guy who obviously wouldn't be getting me another one, and i have a hard time yelling at anyone... sadly, we talked to them for a few minutes. their third friend was actually cool and had some serious moves on the dance floor. we ditched them soon after cause they were lame. a city full of hot, successful, fun guys and these two Barked at us..omg...
so, then after work monday sis and i sped back to GR to make it to my bro's band's really bad weather... They were the opening band to Domestic Problems, a well known local band that has played at the Intersection on New Year's 5 yrs in a row. A Thousand Plateaus (my bro's band) were SOOO great:)
A Thousand Plateaus
this is the band of Domestic Problems...with an ATP member...:)
oh how i love them!!


Blogger Sheonaid said...

love the pics:) and- oh how we love you too! :)

1:44 AM  
Anonymous Anonymous said...

hey, wot, no pa pics? C'mon!! (Love you too!!)

3:51 PM  

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