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oh the boredom...

my 2nd day into pink eye and i'm bored out of my mind. DC, you were right. i woke up this morning and had to walk around blind for a bit until i got a warm cloth and was able to soak and clean my eyes out. sooo nasty. and after i was unfortunately awakened by an employee 45 minutes before work would have started for me, provided i Wasn't sick and Was going to work, i've been up since 7:45 and trying to stop from twiddling my thumbs.

List of things i've done today:
1.cleaned my entire apartment,
2.clipped my dog's toenails
3.wrote a bunch of christmas cards
4.mailed the christmas cards i had stamps for
5.i read a book
6.emailed coworkers about work stuff
7.watched a movie instead of stupid day-time soap operas
8.ate 2 cups of icecream
9.gargled salt water to try to get rid of my sore throat
10.gave myself eye drops every 2-4 hrs and drank lots of liquids to try to get better.

i saved baking cookies and doing laundry for tomorrow.

so, i know that i won't get a lot of sympathy votes for having 'vacation' for three days. but it's harder than you think. if i had three days to go out and enjoy chicago, that would be one thing, but it's being stuck in the apartment. i brought my cards to the mailbox, but i seriously am scary looking with two really red, swollen and make-up-less eyes. i might head to a diner for brunch tomorrow just to get out of the house. my dog is certainly glad i'm home...and though i got honestly concerned comments from many friends in regards to my post about giving him up for adoption, i really was just venting and i DO love him to death. He's been a sweet heart and i will never abandon my baby. apologies for the need for concern and thanks for your helpful comments. I have actually tried to walk him more, and be more consistent with him. So thanks!

off to finish watching the rerun of Grey's Anatomy...


Blogger ehzee said...

I'm sorry sis. I hope you feel better and don't get TOO bored...

An off the topic note... Here is a way to be eco friendly through cleaning up Brayson's do-do... I love it that our generation has made 'Go Green' a cool, motivational marketing technique.

12:30 PM  

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