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one more day...hopefully

so, i'm scheduled to get my car back tomorrow afternoon. i'm stoked...cause i love my car. life without my car has been difficult, though barely survivable:) the fun part, yes, i'm crazy, but i've been enjoying using public transportation every morning and evening, even though it means i have to leave the house over an hr earlier than usual, and i can't stay late to work cause i have a longer ride home. but i like it. probalby cause i know i'm only doing it for a week and not every day of the next year or more. i like being part of the city, going through downtown and learning the systems better. what i haven't been enjoying is the vehicle i've been using in the meantime in order to do my visits. ain't she a beauty???

i even had to take a psychiatric resident out all day friday in it...i think my yaris would have been alittle more comfortable. he and i reminisced about these vans being cool when we were in middle school. haha...but i have to say, i'm not's cheaper than renting a car for a week, especially after the frustration of last time, and it allowed me to do my job.... i felt pretty fly i have to say...well, no, but even though i won't miss this van, i'll miss reading on the red line, orange line and 35/kedzie bus every day...:)


Anonymous Anonymous said...

you crack me up! Miss you already:)

11:32 PM  
Anonymous Hot EMT said...

You sure you were at work, or were you babysitting for a soccer mom?

9:45 AM  

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