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another day, another film

ok, so saturday night i saw another film from the Chicago Film Festival. it's called Operation Filmmaker, and it was a documentary of sourts about an Iraqi that was seen on MTV by some Hollywood filmmakers. they decided to give him a shot at working on a film in Prague and try to help him out. It's a very interesting look see a guy who was at one time in film school in Baghdad, hanging out with his friends and partying...who has a great opportunity to have some big changes in his life of struggle and pain who reacts and behaves differently than what you expect and yet at the same time, watching someone who probably acts like so many college kids over here in the Americas...i couldn't find a trailer for the film and the only piece on Youtube was about 8 minutes of segments that i didn't feel did the film justice, so you'll have to see the whole thing i guess!!

i was gonna go to a few short films tonight, but decided against it. i'll be going to see one more film tomorrow before it's all over, and i'll have to wait til next year again! what i did get to see though, has been great...

on a completely different note, two weekends ago, i got a random call from a friend of mine from grad school who said he was in Indiana and suggested i come see his team play a little soccer against Notre Dame. he's new to this blog, so i figured i'd give him a warm welcome and post his that mean??? i think he can take


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