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i hate to go here but...

i hate to say it, and i might be a little premature...but i think the Rockies are going to get their asses kicked...the Red Sox are on a winning streak and i think they're going to do some serious damage. i hope not, but i think it's true...a couple more things...this weekend i got to go to grand rapids (i know i should probably just move there cause i go all the time) and i got to hang out with my friends AM and DC, then head to my brother's concert at Rocky's, where his band A Thousand Plateaus played some oldies and some new music that hadn't been played in public yet. not to be corny but i was oh, so proud!!!
then had a great lunch with AV the next morning, got to see TH for about 20 minutes and had dinner with AM, DC and LC before i came back to chicago...all of this in less than 24 hrs. sleep? you ask??? hahahhahahaha

however, driving back into the chicago was cool...this is why i love this was a big night for boxing...and a couple of weeks ago, for the cubs...gotta love the spirit...

maybe this is why i get myself into car accidents...cause i'm obviously paying so much attention to the road....:)


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Good to see you again. Sorry we have not made it out yet I have had some schedule changes that has hampered our travels. We will talk to you later. I have 2 classes left!!!!!!

See Ya,

2:22 AM  

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