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Dr's orders...


this morning, i woke up with crusty and red eyes. i started to panic. PINK EYE?? oh NO. i Can't have Pink eye...i have to work. i missed work on monday because of bad flu-like symptoms. i Can't possibly have to stay home the rest of the week. After trying to get ahold of a doctor, and after both eyes seemed to clear up the more i got ready for work/or to see the doctor, i decided to head to work and hope for the best. My doctor called me back before her work day began to tell me at first she thought it must be pink eye, but then when i told her i've had bad cold-like symptoms, that 'it could definitely be just from your cold, so if you want me to treat you over the phone, i can, or you can come in at 11am this morning." thinking it's dumb to have her 'treat' me over the phone if she just said it could be either one thing or the other, i decided to go in at 11am. i didn't want her to 'think' it was pink eye and tell me to stay home for three days if it really was just a cold. So, in good faith, i went to work, carefully cleaned aftermyself whereever i went, and did one visit before i went to see the Dr. not to be nasty, but the puss continued, and i knew it was pink eye...turns out, i was right, and i had to call and tell everyone i'll be out for the next three days. this is like THE WORST time of the year to be out of the office for 4 days in one week. and i'll probably be doing a lot of work from home..i was making phone calls all afternoon, but now, i have three days to pamper myself and make sure i get better. i better get to it!!!

not like it's all fun though, my eye hurts and is nasty...thank goodness for eye drops!!


Blogger Clemo said...

Yeah...get ready for the mornings...when you wake up and can't physically open your eyes it SUCKS!

7:27 PM  

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