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a few discoveries...

1. i fit in boys Lg shirts. i figured this out yesterday as i went to a few places to find some t-shirts/jerseys for the Bulls game i'm going to on Monday night. turns out, boys large fit quite well. the nice thing is they're cheaper than men's (or women's if they had them...of course they don't)...why didn't think of this before? i think for things like hoodies and long sleeve shirts, i'll frequent Target's boys section. Creapy??, really it's not.

2.i never knew i'd get so excited about a snow fall. it finally feels like Christmas cause it's FINALLY snowing outside. well, it Was snowing and now it's a nasty sleet/rain that's cold and wet and no fun when walking 6 blocks to the grocery store. But working in the restaurant today, it was great to look outside and see the snow first fall, then accumulate...buses slow, people wear hats and mittens and wipe away snowflakes from their eyelashes. it's great!

3.i'm not really a dog lover. i have decided that i'm giving mine up for adoption. he's driving me nuts and i'm tired of replacing stuff in my apartment because he can't chill the f out. why do i bother cleaning up? seriously? he just gets into the garbage and has it strewn all over the apartment, or, once i put the garbage under the sink so that he doesn't get into it anymore, he rips the blinds down or rips holes in my couch cover. i'm SOO tired of him. i'm currently down a cup and plate and a window shade. the new couch cover is actually still in tact, but it's only a matter of time. and those of you out there thinking that it's really the owner that communicates that this behavior is ok, or that i need to be more the 'pack leader' so that he knows his own role, i know it's true. but i don't know what i've done to make this occurance consistant and i don't know what to do to get out of it. he's currently in the bathroom...cause i didn't want to hit him.

4. i actually like my apartment. the bug issue has decreased and i've figured out a way to keep warm enough not to complain anymore. the space is really cool and it's going on 2 yrs now that i've been here. i think i'll put the thoughts of buying a home on hold. i did a bit of research anyways, and don't think it's right for me. i can hang out here for a bit longer (with or without a dog!!)

i'm hungry. i'm gonna go eat.


Blogger Clemo said...

I don't think you did anything "wrong" on the dog front. The thing I learned with Kody is that basically...they jut demand a HUGE amount of time. The result is that the more time you can give (you are of course a busy professional) the better the dog will be. I love the thought of having a dog myelf but LC keeps reminding me that I will then have to walk the dog every morning....and night....and I retreat.
Have a good one and come visit/stay soon.

7:24 AM  
Blogger Rebecca said...

Have you ever read Cesar's Way by Cesar Milan? It's a great book. Cesar says that dogs need 50% exercise, 25% discipline, and 25% affection. I've found that on the days the weather is crummy and Deacon doesn't get as much outside and walk time, he is more restless and destructive as well. If you exercise your dog so much that he's pooped all the time, then he'll be too tired to root through the garbage.

p.s. Clemo, having a dog is a good way to force yourself to walk twice a day. That's not necessarily a bad thing, unless you live in Michigan, of course...

8:59 AM  

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