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this weekend, i had the pleasure of going to Albany New York for the wedding of two of my dear friends. i took my violin on the plane with trepidation after the internet sites warned of violins breaking due to the change in air pressure. I played in the wedding and got to spend priceless time with the bride, groom and their family and friends. a true blessing and treat. i can tell i'm getting older though, after being out after 1 and 2 two nights in a row, i'm EXHAUSTED and slept through the Entire flight home. and after a 1.5hr flight, and a 2 hr ride home on the subway (subway to shuttle bus to subway to bus to walking home), i made it back to my pooch and my bed...

so, after a great weekend, i'm headed to bed.
the happy couple at breakfast before the wedding:) how adorable:)

love you guys:):)


Blogger Sheonaid said...

What great pictures, Reshae- especially the one of Hally and Danny the morning before their wedding... :) Glad you had fun!:)

9:43 AM  

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