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New Hampshire Debates

ok, so i'm working on paying more attention to politics to make sure that i'm going to make an informed and educated decision come the 2008 elections. This is an important time to get the sad and disappointing (to say it nicely) administration the hell out of the White House.

the New Hampshire Debates were on tonight. Interestingly on ABC but partnered with Facebook, so i watched comments on Facebook while watching the debate...

A few thoughts (though early and very subject to change)
The Republican Debate:
First of all, i don't like any of them. Honestly. and not just because the idea of keeping a Republican in the White House makes me want to move back to Canada...Guiliani was ok, i actually felt like he held his own but wasn't any stronger than anyone else. Romney, you can't trust if your life depended on it. He seems like a weasle and kind of scares me. He did, however, talk about actual Health Care changes that seem (from his point of view) to get health care for everyone in his state. I honestly didn't find Thompson or McCain to really talk about anything substantial. Huckabee, i felt to be professional and more to the point than most others. The interesting thing was, i was following the facebook posts and Everyone Loved Ron Paul. like LOVE him. i do agree that he said what young voters are talking about, but he seemed to talk more out of anger than of realistic professional position, and he didn't have anything to follow up his anger about the current state of the country. I didn't disagree with his statements, but he had nothin to offer. It brings some concern that 'the youth' all love him, but how is he going to fix anything, or work on anything?

The Democratic Debate:
The first half of the debate was all about picking at each other's short comings, and it was like being in 6th grade. i was annoyed. finally Bill Richardson comes in and says there have been hostage situations that were more civil than that current debate. it was funny. Clinton was actually the instigator of the picking on each other, which was frustrating. then Edwards came in and said that she was essentially the 'status quo' that doesn't like 'real change' aka Edwards and Obama...she got pissed. it was funny. anyways, all of that was annoying. i felt that they finally got to some points of importance in terms of the war and health care, environment, etc.. however, it still was talking generalities that 'the people deserve people to fight for them', and they really focused on past experiences and still focused on the faults of the other candidates. i'm not sure if that's what these debates are supposed to be. Edwards talked about having to stop lobbyist coctail parties and big companies from influencing the politicians, he admitted that one can't take their money, and work with the big companies and then try to challenge them. He also talked a lot about working for middle class people. Obama and Clinton about the cap and trade proposals for decreasing carbon emissions. Richardson, actually seems to have good experience as Govenor balancing budgets and creating jobs. He also was the only one that focused on education and global warming. Also, the last question to each was to give one statement each candidate may want to take back over the last multiple debates. Clinton skirted the question, Richardson actually admitted, Edwards talked about a comment about Clinton's jacket he wished to take back. Obama skirted it too.

my initial thoughts before watching were for Clinton first and Obama second. I didn't want Edwards because he's too cliche and expected as a white male, and i didn't know anything about Richardson. I have to say, i liked Edwards and Richardson better than i thought, though i'm aware that Edwards attacked Clinton and stuck with Obama because he knows he needs to get rid of her, so i'm not sure where to go with that. Clinton still brings a lot of experience, but she falls back on that constantly, and is using her husband's successes as her own too often for my comfort. Obama...i like him, but just don't feel that he would be the best candidate. it'll be interesting to see what else happens in the next year. it'll be interesting to see where things go from here...

seems that polls show Clinton and Obama to be tied at 33%, and McCain still holds a strong lead against the other Republican candidates. So it's still a battle for Democrats. however, i really don't think that any of the republicans have a fighting chance. i hope i'm right...can you imagine????????


Blogger Rebecca said...

We watched part of the debates and I couldn't take more than 5 minutes. Politicians seem to be all talk and no action. They talked "big" but so much of it was fluff. Thanks for your rendition of events, it was helpful! (Seeing as I couldn't stand watching, I need to hear what happened from someone else).

3:47 PM  
Blogger Sheonaid said...

and, (i only was able to watch the republican part)... may i add that mccain sounded like a complete moron- all he did was make lame jokes trying to pick on romney. how the hell did he win the first primary?

1:43 AM  

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