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the things you hope you never have to do...

I bought hot sexy brown boots over christmas. the first time i wore them i thought i was going to have to cut my feet off to relieve the pain that the boots gave me. i had my sister switch shoes mid-shopping. i thought i was going to die. since then, i've been trying to work them in, a couple blocks here, a few more there. i even wore them to church on sunday (12 blocks there, a few blocks to an independent film theatre, then about 13 back home. my feet were sore at the end of the day, but MUCH better than the first go around.

i was hoping that That would be the worst of it all. however...

tonight i went downtown for a few drinks after work with some friends. i came home from work for a much needed 'freshen up' and headed out wearing my hot sexy brown boots. the bar was too far away to walk to, and it's WAYYYY below freezing, so i figured i could weather out the few blocks to the bus stop and then make it far downtown to the bar. I had a couple of beers (yummy newcastle) and had a great time with some fun friends...plans to hang out later this weekend and fun with some boys, the whole nine yards. time to go home, and time to get back on the bus and head home.

so. i go to the bus stop. two guys are standing there and i can see by their faces that they've been waiting a while, which is good because it means that a bus should be coming...they've done the crap part for me and have waited already too long in the cold. Turns out it was 16 degrees but because of the city wind chill, it felt like -2. i started The Innocence Mission album on my Ipod L'il Guy, pulled my hat down a little further and prepared to wait.20 minutes later, i was starting to have trouble feeling my feet and the wind was blowing my coat open around my knees and it was too cold to handle. I handn't wanted to walk home cause it's really a long walk, it's FREEZZINGZ, windy and i was worried about walking in heals over icy sidewalks on which i could have fallen at any time. I decided to walk toward home, not all the way home, but toward home, toward the next bus stop 2 blocks ahead, getting myself moving and getting the blood flowing, turning around periodically to check if a bus was on it's way. after going to the 5th block, i thought it was finally coming. i saw the lights and stopped, knowing i'd soon be in a warm bus to take me the rest of the way home. turns out it was a fire so the walk continued. and i began to realize that i might just be walking home each block closer made the two dollars being scrunched in my mittened hand seem like a waste to give away to the bus driver. it didn't matter though, a bus never came... i finally turned east to go toward my street and the wind was literally pushing me so hard i thought i was going to have to slide over into a news paper box in order to stop being pushed into the intersection. soon i found myself at my grocery store and it was over...i had walked home. and even though i felt good cause i had walked off the cookie dough i had for dinner before i left, i couldn't believe i had made it. you'd think the 1)muscle, 2)fat, 3)skin, 4)all of the above, in my thighs would have kept me warm, but they were near numb and i was worried about frost bite...ok, well, not really, but seriously, they needed to thaw the time i keyed my apartment building The Innocence Mission album was over and i had run out of music...

turns out my high heal boots got me home even in icey below freezing windy weather...Thank goodness!!

oh, by the way, my apartment is open for visitors at any time!!


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