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today is finally friday, the day that after which, spring break begins. well, it begins for most students, but seeing as i am an intern, my work continues. what is nice, is that i don't have to work with my commuter students for a week, and though i will miss them :) and i don't get paid for this week :( the break is much anticipated and greatly needed!! hopefully the weather will co-operate so i can get some good tennis in with my good friend damien.

so... the job and apartment searching has officially begun. part of me feels like i'm way behind schedule, and part of me wants to continue putting it all freakin overwhelming! at this point, though, i've narrowed my location choices to Chicago...i figured, there are plenty of mental health/addictions treatment centers in one large city that i'll be able to find SOMETHING. though i'll keep my eyes and ears open for whatever, i suppose. i'm both humbled and giddy about the prospects of finally moving to a big city. and i'm trying to remember that i still have 67 days of being a grad student...then a month or two more in motown before i can actually leave. and in all honesty...though there are few, i will miss a few things that i've come to love here...namely my fabulous apartment, and a few wonderful people (you know who you are!!)

i've given up my 6 week no-carb diet. i can think of few things that i hate more than going to a grocery store, and realizing that i can't buy ANYTHING on the bread, cereal, rice, cookies, ice cream, frenchfries, fruit, oj, name it, i couldn't buy it. and while the initial results made my pants fit better...i've decided that it's not worth it, nor is it healthy in the long run...though i've never eaten more protein in my life...probably all put my nails are strong and my hair shiny, i can tell you that!! anyways, i enjoyed frenchfries the other night, and am about to get back to my apple no, i will be healthy, but i can't say goodbye to carbs forever....i just can't!!

a few bands i've recently come across and recommend are: Anberlin, HIM (His Infernal Majetsy), the Weepies, the Album Leaf, Youth Group, and Twin A (not new to me, but out with a new album). Enjoy!!


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You're a good writer. I always enjoy reading your blog. Enjoy the fries!

9:38 AM  

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