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Freud, i have a question last night i had a dream that my hot neighbor was hitting on me. in real life (and in my dream i spose) he's one of those annoyingly beautiful people who has the charm to win over the biggest skeptics of romance, a smile that makes one melt and he probably hasn't had to lift a finger to ever get a date...ever. he has always been the popular kid in school, definite frat boy in college and has always had everything he has ever wanted. for this, of course, i hate him:) i always liked his less cute, less tall, but more unique roommate, who sadly, moved away last summer ;) however, this 'neighbor of my dreams' has always been nothing but nice to me. regardless of my lack of abercrombie-and-fitch-style and my lack of no, he has always been nice and has never treated me as less than worthy of his tailgating, football obsessed, barbie doll girlfriend self or group of friends. for this, his girlfriends have always hated me. however, i have never lost sleep over the whole situation, and i spose that in this case, it has made my sleep more interesting. haha.

while i won't give details...that's just for kind of makes me chuckle and question where it all came from. i'm pretty sure freud would even agree that it doesn't have to mean i like him..haha...because i don't.

but what does it mean....muhhhaaaaaaa


Blogger ehzee said...

I bet it just means you're horny. I am not Freud, but i would say... it happens to the best of us. Good thing this is something that is enjoyable but doesn't pain us in any way... like chocolate or thanksgiving dinner...

Luv ya

11:19 PM  
Blogger Reshae said...

probably right...haha:)

5:39 PM  

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