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how to change a tire in the dark


1. call friends to help.
2. when friends don't answer, decide that it's better to change the tire by yourself than wait til tomorrow because you won't have time tomorrow
3. look for flashlight in car or home
4. when can't find flashlight, ask neighbor to lend you one
5. use flashlight to find jack and donut from trunk.
6. spend 3 minutes brainstorming how you can hold the big flashlight and change the tire at the same time.
7. decide you can balance the flashlight on box found in your trunk.
8. try to forget the fact that the neighbor who lent you the flashlight is probably watching you change the tire from his window and chuckling, cause in all truth, it must really be a funny sight:)
9. retrieve box from trunk and balance flashlight facing flat tire.
10. lift car with jack a few inches without getting in way of light from flashlight
11. unscrew bolts on wheel
12. lift car enough to take tire off
13. take off stupid flat tire, and replace it with very small and funny looking donut.
14. put flashlight back on box when it rolls off so you can still see what you're doing.
15. tighten screws on donut and hope that they are tight enough
16. lower car back to ground
17. put jack and stupid flat tire into trunk.
17. go's cold outside!!


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you are amazing. i love you. ps. i am making you read some stuff when you come up next week. Makes me think, i want to see what you think.

i hope you are having a wonderful day!!

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