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you know you're in west virginia when...

many things over the last 18 months have made me feel like i am in west virginia. many stereotypes fulfilled. however, last night i had the pleasure of meeting a gentleman, born and raised west virginian, named Buck. Buck Wheat. now, to be fair, he is actually quite attractive and has a fun sense of humor. his real name is William Wheat, but 'Buck' has been past down as a nick name for 5-or-so generations. to his dismay, the 'little rascals' put a more-than-slight damper on the familial pride of carrying such a name. and also, to his credit, he understands the humor of both his name, and the state in which he was raised. though as someone from 'up north' i have to chuckle at such a situation;) (sorry hallie) and in truth, i'm sure drinks at Crockett's next week will be just as much fun if not more.


Blogger bexala said...

I knew I was in WV when that guy hit on me in the bar when I was with you and said..."I think you've got the purdiest hair I ever seen." Ahhhh...memories.

6:12 PM  

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