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tomorrow starts the beginning of the end...or is it really the beginning of the beginning? is my last day of freedom. tomorrow the 4th of 4 semesters of grad school begins. and i'm not exactly thrilled. however, i'm trying to be optimistic and i plan on taking each day at a time. thinking of the next four months, with no free time other than a grand trip to GR for a concert is less than appealing. one day at a time. it's my new motto. i have a few errands to run today, i'll leave with another 'day' of scotland. this post is from our trip to Glasgow, the 2nd largest city in Scotland...and it too was fabulous!!

Jan 3 (Tuesday)
Day in Glasgow.
Walked to train station, (45 seconds from mom's apt) and took train to Glasgow. The train station at Glasgow central was fabulous. Dark oak and cute shops with glass ceiling.
Who knew you’d have to pay to pee?? All public ‘toilets’ are 20 pence to use the bathroom. You walk through a turnstile as if getting on the subway or on a roller coaster ride…hehe
We walked around on Buchanan street…amazing. Tons of people, all walking around. Many of the ‘streets’ are not for cars… just cobble stone or sidewalk for people to walk around. We went to eat lunch at Kwikies…got panini’s and rolls…but for one quid (buck) you could get pizza out of a machine. Ha
Then we walked all the way to the Glasgow Cathedral on the east side of the city the latest additions (other than modernizing it with electricity for public use) was sometime in the 1300s. St. Mungo’s tomb was under the main sanctuary.
Then we went to the Museum of Religios Life…which was nice, but a little strange and unsettling as Christianity is set up along side many other religions…Buddhism, Islam, Judaism, native American religions, etc. Are we just one of the others? Hm…topic for another day.
Then we walked to the ‘oldest house in Glasgow’ and walked around…a three story building which was quite large and impressive.
Then we walked back to Buchanan Galleries (instead of taking a double-decker bus which we wanted) and decided to find out about tickets to a pantomime for later that evening. So we got to see George’s Square (by the information center) and then we went over to the Pavilion to get tickets for a 7:30 show. We did a little bit of shopping but the mall closed down on us at H & M, so we had to leave. Then we went to eat at a Lauder’s pub…where we tried Scottish beer, but they didn’t have chicken, burgers, or shrimp, so we got salads and fries with bacon (Canadian bacon). The pantomime was Aladdin…and was set up mostly for children…but it is something that people have been going to for years. Older adults and grown ups grew up going to pantomimes every year…and so it was fun to be a part of it and experience what so many children have and do experience every year. After the show was another ride home on the train (subway) home back to Troon. Good conversation was had with mom both at the cathedral and on the way home to Troon.
Never enough time to be in a big city!! Another great day!!

p.s. my camera has been's still in scotland. so as soon as i get it in the mail pictures will adorn this blog site...yesssss.


Anonymous Anonymous said...

Hey Lovey,
It was fun to re-live the day in Glasgow! Thanks for the reminders! Your camera was sent in the mail this morning- nopt sure when you'll get it, but it's on the way. I am wondering about your internship:) Hang in there-One day at a time is a wise way to face a crazy-busy future:)
Always and forever,

10:43 AM  

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