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what blows my hair back (other than a hair dryer):
-having only 12 days til i get to go home and hang with my bro, sis and dad (it's been waaayy too long aaron and sheonaid!!)
-having only 18 days left til i leave with my sis for SCOTLAND to visit mom
-dancing to 70/80's music with drunk co-workers over the age of 40 at a christmas party...who knew they had it in 'em. they're funny haha.
-IMing with friends at night, even having spent the whole day with them (u know who u r!)
-having people answer the phone knowing my mood just by me saying hello
-playing with my pooch (brayson) in the snow--he seriously is THE cutest thing ever
-finding out i have admirers ;);)
-good discussions that make me think
-mark ruffalo...yumyum
-not having homework to do for a whole month!!
-a little bit of alcohol after a LOONNGG week ;);)
-new friendships with cool people
-making plans to visit my bro in feb. for a kickass show--bring on the roadtrip ladies
-being cozy and warm under my covers in bed
-fun security guards that make time at work go faster
-phone calls with friends i haven't seen in a long time
-when listening to music becomes a spiritual experience and makes me feel the presence of my Creator
-Manhattan, staten island ferry, looking at diamonds in Tiffany's, trying on 'sarah jessica parker' dresses in Bloomingdales, riding the subway, being serenaded by a walk-in band with christmas carols in a small italian restaurant in Little Italy, Time Square and Rockefeller center at night, figuring out our way around the city, making it home safely!!
-finding comments to read on my blogsites (no, this is not a passive/aggressive way to get people to comment to my blogs, it's totally true..well, maybe a little, lol)

what makes my hair flat (other than genetics):
-my house under 60 degrees
-thinking i'm gettin off work at 11:30pm but staying til 6am
-not sleeping in
-guys who think that saying yes once means i'm totally into them
-not being able to play tennis til april/may
-how christmas isn't really christmas anymore
-when people tell me to smile--don't tell me when to be happy damn it:P

more positives than negatives...good. i'm usually a glass-half-full type of gal. if it's ever the otherway around, we'll have a problem :)


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