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what a quick IM at 8:30 AM can do

i have a hard time relaxing. i always feel that if i have free time, i should be working...working at a place of employment or just working on making this world a better place-being productive and using my time to its fullest. This work-ethic, while good intentioned, is rather annoying, and sometimes i have to put my foot down and say...screw it all. fortunately, i was able to use my foot this morning, and now i have reason for such a happy posting on this beautiful tuesday...for further explanation, read on.

for every student at WVU, thanksgiving break involves a whole week off, which is nothing like the two days you get at calvin leaving almost NO time to travel 8 hours home for a relaxing thanksgiving dinner and or spending time with the fam (miss you aaron!!). unused to the extravagantly long break...i of course decided to find shifts at my job to fill the time, time that most people spent traveling home and doing nothing, sleeping in and enjoying time off. Instead, i worked an obnoxious amount of hours at the hospital this weekend and barely slept. Monday and tuesday were to be filled with practicum time and therefore completing more of my 100 hours needed by the end of the semester. wednesday was left to drive time wasted. however, after trying 18 different outfits on for work this morning (and finding myself over 30 minutes late), a quick IM to my friend Hallie changed my plans, and we both decided to ditch our responsibilities (well, she was told she didn't have to go in, so i was the only one ditching) and headed to panera bread for some artichoke and bacon souffles...yumm yumm. to add to the fun and excitement of the morning, we decided to take our laptops to breakfast, for no other reason that the fact that => we can!! and so, we sit here, after some good thought provoking conversation about the reality of the spiritual realm, catching up on blog siting and drinking our coffee in silent contentment. what a perfect way to start my 'holiday' a day early!! Take that annoyingly-strong-work-ethic.

ahhh, the whole day ahead...and i can do whatever i want!! *sigh*!!


Blogger ehzee said...

First... What are you doing writing blogs at 6:55am? Quite the contradiction to the basis of your post.

Second... A WEEK OFF? I hate you a little bit.

Third... I want to be you... no no no, that came out wrong... *sigh*. I want to be you.

7:11 PM  
Blogger Reshae said...

just for the record...the time on this blog is off...not sure how to fix it yet...i actually posted around 11 am...working on fixing it!!


9:37 PM  
Blogger bexala said...

mmm...i love the artichoke and bacon souffles! good work, girl. glad you had a day to relax and be thankful for days like that!

10:02 PM  
Blogger Hallie said...

yep, what a great day :0) i can't believe its saturday already. i'm so not ready to go back to class and finish the semester. for the record...i WISH i had your work ethic.

2:10 PM  

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