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to be a fly on my living room wall!!

so, last night, i finally did my introduction exercise video with the Core Secrets ball and yes, it kicked my ass. other than tennis...which i played quite a bit this past semester, and walks i take my dog on, i am completely and ashamedly out of shape. so, about a month ago, i decided to purchase one of those big exercise balls for less than 10 bucks, figuring it will give me something to do if i ever happen to feel in the mood to work out...which happens about..well...almost never. so it came in the mail a week later and i quickly 'blew' up the ball (with a little stamp/pump thingy). about a week later, i proceeded to watch the introduction video, which they say to watch before you actually do it so that when you do it, you know what to do. yeah, i fell asleep watching the video. so, three weeks or so later, i finally decide to put my 10 bucks and good intentions to use and i did the video thinking "it's a 20 minute introduction hard can it be?" and i'll be honest...the stretching actually felt good. i thought, "hey, no problem...i'm gonna have to get a more advanced video cause i don't feel anything". and then...

the Instructor Guy, surrounded by 5 beautifully toned women, became Evil Insructor Guy, when he told me to do these lunge things while holding the big ass ball at the same time...THEN, he told me to hold the ball in the air on one side and swing it down to the other side while going to a kneeling position. by the 6th lunge, i realized that i was feeling slight pain in my legs, and by the 4th 'swing and kneel' exercise i was going into shock at the sever pain in my leg and ass muscles. by the end i had trouble getting up. and let's just say...a fly on the wall would have had a nice chuckle!! i began to feel very, well, pathetic. little did i know Core Secrets Introductory video would kiss my ass!!

needless to say, i have some work to do...BEFORE i get a more advanced video.

"stick with it" statements and encouragement postings are welcome!!

pitiful and sore...yours truly;)


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