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three to go...WAHOOOO!!!

so...i have officially completed three of my four semesters of my graduate program. HOLY SHIT!!!haha. a few more months and they're gonna unleash me into the working world...rather a scary thought if you'd ask me! i still have to get an internship placement for next semester though..which i should've had done mid semester..but oh well...something will work out (i'm sure).

a cool ending: i had two final exams this semester. one of which consisted of writing a group therapy plan for a specific scenario given in class. i'm pretty sure i did fine on that one. the second was to be much more stressful...prepared for by filling out a huge 'study-guide' for an unknown reason. was it just so we could learn the material, was it to use during the test? we had no idea. however, we went to class, and the prof asked what we were expecting for the test. outspoken friend of mine...stated that he was hoping that if we filled out the study guide we wouldn't have to take the test. of course we all chuckled b/c we know that things like that don't happen. our prof proceeded to hand out the test which looked distinctly similar to the study guide...and she answered our puzzled looks with "if you did the study guide, put your name on it and pass it're done" all of us, especially the one student who didn't do the study guide, questioned her a few times to be sure of what she said and yes...that was it. and that was good too..cause i was seriously nervous about the final. tons of detailed info...not my kind of test. worries...perhaps i'll get an A afterall...:)

and here i am back at work...i tell ya it never stops. but that's good cause i need the money for things like SCOTLAND...and Sigur Ros...yumm yumm. work is S.L.O.W.(knock on wood), which is actually nice. i haven't worked in the ED since i started in it's been a nice way to get back into it. i work tom. and sunday morning in admissions so i'll be back to normal!! ahh, the good ol' well-earned dollar!!

for everyone i know who is sick (and there are too many right now) i wish you the best and a quick and painless recovery. for those of you still finishing finals (and i know a few) best of luck and clear-thinking enlightenment. for those of you who swore off school many hears ago (you know who you are) nice work!!! soon i will be with you!!

my furnace won't be fixed til after monday :( boooo cold nose, fingers and toes ;)


Blogger bexala said...

Yikes about your furnace! @!#$%@#
Are you still staying with Hallie? I'm going to go and drink hot tea and think warm thoughts for you.

Sorry I missed you last night. I might be able to chat sometime tomorrow or later this weekend.

Talk soon, girly.

9:39 PM  
Blogger swtpmarie said...

I hope work goes well for you this weekend....when do you take off for Scotland? I'm jealous by the way. Glad finals are done for you.

2:56 PM  

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