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well...i find myself in somewhat of an unusual funk this afternoon. kinda good and kinda not...but so it goes. i think i'm tryin to resist certain feelings and yet not wanting to resist at the same time. does that make any sense? is pure contentment possible on this earth? is it in our nature to always feel like there should be more in life or can we truly be just happy with the way things are? i have sooo much to be thankful for...why can't that just be enough?

i'm also stalling from studying for a final tomorrow at 9am. i have much work to do for it...and it's a bit overwhelming. however, i think i'll get to chipping away at it...better now than 2am! thanks in advance to hallie for bein my study partner and such a good're the best!!

-discontented in WV


Blogger iloveredheads said...

haha...finals....i remember those days...but not really since as an art major i never really studied...hehe...good luck reshae...
just remember your degree will get you a better paying job than the one i have..and more fulfilling too, seeing how right now i'm just playing minesweeper on my computer trying to beat my old to you later

12:42 PM  

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