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i think my brain is fried

i have nothing to say today. i feel like all i do lately is work and work some more. last night got to fit makin cupcakes in the schedule for the evening. i should have napped. but i made chocolate and vanilla cupcakes with chocolate and vanilla frosting and of course...some sprinkles (yes i love sprinkles). i did not make two batches of cupcakes for myself however...for you nutrition and health nuts out there. i actually made them for my students who are in the midst of final exams. i figured a fun snack to eat would help brighten their day...perhaps!!

for those who have read this blog or have talked to me recently...yes i'm still talking about not having heat. i went home from work yesterday to meet with my landlord and some guy to get it fixed (mostly to keep brayson out of their way). i walked home to have to call my landlord (again...cause he never does) to find out why he wasn't there. he said they weren't coming and i'd have to wait another day. boo my landlord., between working at school and the hospital, i ran home to check out what the plan was for today. landlord? check. guy-to-fix-furnace? NO check. so, i left for work leaving my landlord to fend of my pooch and deal with fixing my furnace. and while i know people have it worse, and, believe it or not, i've tried not to's too cold in my house. this morning it was 54 degrees again...brbrbrbrrrrrr. really...if i'm under blankets it's fine, but if i'm changing or getting into the shower...NO GOOD. so, my hope is that the guy-to-fix-furnace did show up and i actually have heat in my house again. i'm not holding my breath!!

other than that...all i want is my bed:)


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