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a few RANDOM thoughts

men can be both terribly annoying and incredibly sweet...let's just say i'm getting doses of both tonight...and hopefully i'll end with more of the sweet...the annoying boy finally went home...thank goodness. let's just say "CLUELESS and ANNOYING". and sweet boy (aka Hot EMT) has been super fun and flirty...maybe i will end up asking him out before the end of the week...he's quitting too so it's either now or never!! lol...what a hottie!!

other than that, i'm not feeling especially inspired with anything to write about...except to gloat about my up and coming travels SCOTLAND. holy shit!!! haha. and now...there's an 80% chance sheonaid will be coming too, like planned. so that's awesome! yes...9 days, count em...NINE days til i leave!! woo hoo. and oh, of course only 3 til i get to go home and enjoy christmas with sheonaid, aaron, dad and oma (sans 18 hours of work and 5.5 hrs of driving and i'll be homefree...literally! and christmas presents are so fun. i can't wait to give em. but i can't give any clues cause the one person i have for presents might be reading this...(sheonaid). she's the lucky one that i got in 'picking names'. and after a shmoz of a gift i bought in NYC...sorry, such a waste of a good present buying opportunity...i've decided on something else that i hope will tickle her fancy. otherwise it's back to the drawing board and we'll have to settle for a scottish gift...which i suppose wouldn't be too bad!! you'll just have to wait and see girl!! haha

back to fun men:

why i like hot EMTs:
1. they wear a uniform
2. they care about saving people
3. they are able to save me if needed
4. even though their work is hard, it's interesting
5. they allow for fun flirting and nice eye candy
6. oh wait..he's hot:):)'s late and i wanna go home. too many kids in the ER tonight :( poor little guys.



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