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The Bees (u.s.)

CD: Starry Gazey Pie
Song: "Starry Gazey Pie"
Label: Self-Released

""When I was a kid, there was a cookbook in our house called: 'Cornish Favorites' It was from the region in England called Cornwall. Primarily fishing villages. One of these villages, Mousehole, is famous for 'Starry Gazey Pie.' It is a potato pie, with fish heads protruding from the surface of the pie, looking skyward, hence the name 'Starry Gazey Pie.'" "

-- Daniel Tashian, The Bees (U.S.)

in all seriousness though...great CD!! highly recommended...and if anyone can find the lyrics for this cd on the internet, please let me know. i will be forever in your dept. i've been trying and can't find them anywhere!! thnx so much!!


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