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are there any elligible bachelors out there?

ok...what's the deal with passive-aggressive guys? i mean, really...are there guys out there who are just simply happy when you call them back, instead of giving the third degree and a huge guilt trip for not calling them back sooner? here's a short play-by-play of the conversation from just a little while ago:

boy: did you work lastnight?
me: no, i worked during the day.
boy: so what did you do last night? i called you.
me: i went out with some friends.
boy: well, i called you and you didn't call me back.
me: yea, i got in late, i called you after work today
boy: well, because i didn't hear from you, i figured you made other plans.
me: no, we made plans, i just was busy.
boy: well, because i didn't hear from you.....BLAH, BLAH BLAH.

news flash boy, i'll call you when i call you.
i'll be honest..i don't have it in me to deal with this. i dealt with this enough with my ex and i'm NOT in the mood to get into anything remotely like that again. boo passive-aggressive boys.

are there any men around?

ps. this boy isn't the west-virginian from the previous post.


Blogger bexala said...

oh my shaka. yikes. yikes. yikes. run away......

3:09 PM  
Anonymous Anonymous said...

do i need to have a certain brother give you a call..hah

10:00 PM  

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