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rambling thoughts and procrastination

i'm supposed to be studying for a mid term for next tuesday evening's class. sharing a book for the class means i can't procrastinate and cram the night before the test which is good, but it also means, i can't procrastinate and just cram the night before the test, which means i have to get this stuff done tonight. and i really have no excuse not to...i'm at work til 8pm and it's just after 1pm, should be plenty of time. however, i'm having difficulty focusing on Limits of Confidentiality and figured i should take a short break. unfortunately, what's on my mind, instead of court orders, client complaints and litigation cases, can't be solved today. i'm continually distracted by things i need to remember to pack for my trip to gr, road trip mixes i need to create, vacuuming my car so that my two friends won't die of dog-hair inhalation, not to mention i'm worried about my friend Damien who's watching my baby brayson while i leave. then my mind goes to leaving motown for good...and the fact that i have to start figuring out where i'm moving next year and i really have to research job availability and start narrowing down my options, cause i could go anywhere, and i mean, anywhere i want. saying i have to look into this stuff doesn't help..i have to just do it, so that i can start planning my future. on top of all of this, discussions from class last week about early recollections shaping how we view the world and how we behave have remained on my mind lately. i know what my earliest memories are...and how they have effected me, but i don't know how to stop them from dictating my future. (early recollections is something that i strongly encourage anyone's truly interesting!) anyways...none of this...besides some packing i'll get done later this evening...can even remotely be dealt with today. ahhhh, to learn how to let it go or 'put it on a shelf' to deal with later as we like to say in the counseling, i need to get out of all this!! YAY short vacation to gr and people i love and miss!!

ok...i'll start with a solid hour of study...i hope. here i go...


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