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she's making this too easy...

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i've heard a clip on NPR of Palin answering a question about why she feels she's qualified to be the VP. All she said was that she's qualified. and as the questioner repeatedly asked for specifics, in her answer she replied, if you want specifics as to why i'm prepared, just ask me, but i am prepared. UM...YOU WERE JUST ASKED.

at this rate she'll give SNL enough material for hundreds of skits ...

both Palin and McCain continue to skirt around issues, using cliches and 'feel good' phrases, which are all well and good, but until you start being able to verbalize how you're going to do that, showing that they actually understand the problems of these issues and knowing how to address them, instead of being vague and just telling people what they think they want to hear...then i will take them more seriously as competant competitors in the presidential race.

when talking about Veterans, McCain talked about how he is a veteran and so he loves all Veterans, and so therefore will, and i quote, "guarantee" that they receive better health care. Obama talked about them struggling with PTSD which needs to be adressed and hasn't been, along with physical rehab, etc. That shows me that Obama knows what's going on, and isn't just blowing smoke up my @$$. Not that McCain doesn't know about PTSD, but if he doesn't recognize it as a major problem that needs to be is he going to "guarantee" that appropriate care is provided for them.

ok, i won't keep going. but i will say this. i feel that Obama is very wise and is honest, even if it's difficult. His comment about picking Biden was that he didn't want someone who was going to be a 'yes' man, but someone that would challenge him to make the right decisions. i feel that McCain is just trying to say what he thinks he has to in order to win, and frankly, his history in the Military doesn't prove to me that he'd be a better president, and his choice of VP actually proves to me that his decision making skills/judgement are questionable (and that's saying it nicely).

ok i'm done.


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