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Office Anonymous

it turns out that i may be in need of a 12 step program to deal with my current 'Office' addiction. See, it all started a few months ago when i watched all of season 4 online (when it was all online on http://www.nbc/) in about two days and i realized i had been missing a treasure and didn't know how i'd make it til the next season to figure out if Jim proposes to Pam or if she ends up going to school in NYC and leaving him. What i had wrongly thought was boring proved to be an amazing show of artistic and comedic writing as well as impressive and clever acting. Steve Carell is truly good at what he does! It worsened when a good friend of mine RR lent me the 2nd season of the Office when i was sick and i did nothing but watch the episodes over and over. Literally. Like i'd watch 4/5 episodes at night, and sometimes, if i fell asleep during an episode at night, i'd actually watch it again in the morning. I was even late to work on occassion for having to finish an episode. I think i watched the season finale about 8 times. Yesterday i reluctantly gave RR her dvd's back and came home today with an oddly quiet feeling in my apartment. though somehow i feel better because it's Thursday and there should be a rerun on NBC tonight, so i'll get a small dose of the Jim/Pam, Michael/Jan, Dwight/Angela, Ryan/Kelly drama that i've been missing. i may or may not have been relieved when a friend's offer to hang out Thursday or Saturday became a for sure Saturday plan, and i may or may not have had a dream involving one or more of the show's characters. I may or may not be living vicariously through the lives of everyone on the show...or perhaps one lucky girl...

i may or may not have seen almost every Youtube clip with either John Krazinski or Steve Carell in them...

i think all the signs are there, i'm addicted. My name is Reshae and i"m an Office Addict. and guess week, the next season starts. i'm sooo freakin excited...


Blogger Mandy said...

I too am an Office addict, Reshae. You can't help it, really!

Another thing I'm addicted to are those Tide To Go talking stain commercials. And, oh happy day! Next Thursday (9/25) during the premiere of The Office, my addictions will come together! I work for Tide and we had a contest where we encouraged people to send in their own spoof of the ad. The finalists can be seen at and then the winner's ad will be aired during the season premiere of The Office. Woo hoo!

Hope it's cool that I commented on your blog. :) Us fellow Office addicts have to stick together! Feel free to email me if you wanna talk Office talk...or discuss which finalist will win!

Mandy Jacobs :)

6:25 PM  

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