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so. i got rid of my internet when i moved into my new apartment because i was able to connect to someone else's wireless internet service. that service is no longer available and i feel like i'm living with out electricity. is it tru that things like the internet and our cell phones have become as necessary to our wellbeing and sanity as having electricity and running water? i got rid of the internet to save some money, and i'd really like to think that i can live without it. but it's so much harder than i thought it would be. i feel so disconnected from society when i can't check my email 8 times a day, or write a post whenever i want, or check out a location of a local bar or grocery store quick before i leave, or do my billing online without having to frequent a local coffee shop. i don't drink coffee and so i really have no need to go all the time except for the internet. the independent coffee shop i like to go to takes about 15 min to walk to, and though that's not that bad, after a long day of work, i don't always want to go... plus, if i have to buy a beverage every time i go, i'm not really saving money that could go toward's consistent and reliable internet service that i can get from my own apartment. unfortunately, to get internet you have to get internet either with a phone line or with cable and i don't want either one. getting internet on it's own costs almost the same as getting both cable and internet, which is what i just had and got rid of. what to do what to do.

is the internet the new electricity? can we live in this world without it?? i'm kind of realizing that it's near impossible.

oh and on another note...the gymnastics finals in the Olympics are amazing and so exciting to watch...i'm so excited to see the women's finals tonight. though it was rough for the men last many falls and possible injuries...frustrating for everyone who's worked soo hard and could probably do their routines in their sleep. I guess that separates the good from the great by those who can handle the pressure and those who just can't. great stuff!!!


Blogger little miss gnomide said...

I certainly can't live without internet. I'm totally addicted to e-mail and blogging. It's wierd when we moved here from SF last year, it took ATT two weeks to get our internet going and we went to the Rogers Park library every night to get our fix.

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