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sad reality...

so i won the fight about wearing my nose stud while working at the restaurant. and i got a really great 4th of july weekend off out of the fight, which was fabulous.

yesterday, a family reunion decided to come the restaurant right before i was supposed to clock out. so i stayed to help out. 40 people ate, were picky eaters, didn't answer questions when asked and acted like we were stupid. all together, they left $9 tip to the other waitress. i got none.

how do people go to a restaurant and have the gall to not tip their servers. they come in, loud, obnoxious, ungrateful, cheap...i was speechless for like 15 minutes. then i was just pissed off.

the sad thing is. i've NOT wanted to say this for a Long time. when i started serving, other servers made comments about certain people who didn't tip well. i pretended like it wasn't true, and tried to not assume bad tips from certain people i waited on. you never know how people will tip you, so treat everyone the same, and hope for the best. but i soon started learning that the other servers were right. Elderly and african americans are usually bad at tipping well. yes i said it. and typed it even. does this make me a bad person? um. it makes me honest to my experiences in the restaurant world. and let me state, that i'm well aware that not every old person, or every black person is a bad tipper, but sadly, more often than not, they are bad tippers, and it's frustrating. especially if you're staying late to help out, you're running around like you're crazy to make your customers happy, and you get nothing to show for it. NOT A THING. i seriously don't know how people can do that. seriously.and NOTE: this group was not elderly.

anyways. another day on the job i guess.


Blogger Rebecca said...

That's just sad and unacceptable behavior! We always try to tip really well, partly because it's the right thing to do, and partly because Dan knows what it's like to be a server and depend on tips for a living. I wonder if your observation has anything to do with socioeconomic status? (i.e., most elderly people live on a fixed income of <$1000 per month). The "correlation does not equal causation" phrase that was ground into my head during graduate school popped into my head as I read your post.

1:00 PM  
Anonymous Anonymous said...

I found the same thing as a server, and I felt guilty for awhile as I noticed myself eventually complaining just like the other servers when I got a table of old people. It can be hard not to take a poor tip personally. And yet I consider getting back into serving, urgh. Hang in there! Thea W

12:14 PM  

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