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wrigley field

i now live 2 blocks from the Cubs home stadium...and i have to say, it's pretty sweet! i'm slowly forgetting my ties to the american league and the Chicago White Sox. THose ties are being replaced with excitement over a Cubs win, even against the White Sox. sad? maybe. i find myself more of a Cubs fan against my regular urge to route for the underdog...and that underdog being defined as the White Sox in VERY much Cubs territory. the north side of the city is almost cult-like in their devotion to the Cubs and when i first moved here, i realized quickly that one has to choose their words carefully when pledging allegiance to a team other than the Cubs themselves. my story is nearly always the same: i grew up loving the Toronto Blue Jays, and therefore, knew the American League better than the National league. the most i knew of the Cubs was that they never made it to the World Series because they always sucked. however, in my becoming a Chicago-an, i fulfilled my goals last summer to attend both a White Sox and a Cubs game, (and i threw the Bulls in there too) and the Cubs game was something i will never forget. I felt i had gone back in time when people lived and breathed baseball, everyone new every player and every statistic possible and they were blood fans. The WhiteSox game was nothing more than a nice afternoon on a nice summer day. Wrigley Field gets intense, and it's fans are hard core. it's kind of intriguing, and sucks you right in!!! however, i still have yet to purchase any merchandice from either team. though there's a Soriano jersey i've been eye-ing at Sports Authority.

a few weeks ago i went with some friends to the Cubs game. which i Walked to, and then Walked home from. it was fabulous!!
But don't fret, i'll always be a Blue Jay...even if another Joe Carter doesn't ever save the day in the bottom of the ninth, game 6 of the World Series, coming back from behind with a three-run homerun...oh...those ties will never die!! i can see it as if it was yesterday!!


Blogger iloveredheads said...

did you see sexy matt murton?

9:23 PM  
Blogger Reshae said...

nope..but i'll try to next time i go:) wanna come with me?

10:05 PM  

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