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be patient and they will come!!

ok, so i was getting excited about moving yesterday and went and took some pics from around my new neighborhood. i took a few from my old one too...just cause it's so great and close to the water. the new place is still close to the water, but not as close. for not knowing the area, these will mostly look the same, but they're completely different neighborhoods. i'm excited about where i'm moving though...:) 23 days and counting!!

here's the old neighborhood...that's the water in the background...
and here's the new neighborhood...

my soon to be personal parking spot...that means i have somewhere to park EVERY NIGHT!!oh so fun!!! soon there will be pics of the inside!!

headed to bed after an incredibly L.O.N.G. day...leavin on a jet plane tomorrow and headed to CO to visit the sis and help her move. such a much needed break i can hardly take it!!


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