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a long time

so it's been a while. mainly due to the fact that since i cancelled my comcast (yes i go against their current sloggan that you'll do Anything but give up your Comcast) i've been bumbing internet off of someone who has named their account "Sophie". Sophie has only been available, however, later in the evenings as of late, and i usually just haven't been in the mood. i've been somewhat under the weather for an unusually long time, and i've been lazy.

however, on saturday i leave for a mission trip, yes i said mission trip, to Iowa to help some people who lost their posessions in the spring flood. i was going back and forth about going or not...and decided that i didn't want to miss an opportunity to sleep on a church floor for a week, ruin a few pairs of pants and help some people who have been through a significant unfortunate tragedy. Somewhat afraid this will be a little 'churchy'...seeing as i'm going with a church group, and meeting with other church members, i figured, the greater good is my focus and i'll try to do the best i can. for those who may be a little confused..i've been somewhat 'anti-church' for the last...oh...4 years as i work through what i've too often found to be frustrating hipocracies and ...ohh i better stop before i get myself in trouble. however i'm completely aware that as this is My blog, i should be, and am, allowed to not worry about getting myself into trouble. even in cyberspace i worry of what others may think...

but i digress.

ok. so i'm going to Iowa for a week. i still feel like it's a bit junior highschool. but i never did a 'mission' trip when i was in junior high, or high school for that matter, and again...this is to do good for other people...nothing more.

ok. i'm done.


Blogger Clemo said...

Have Fun!
The first mission trip I went on (after my junior year in HS) I was basically dragged into it kicking and screaming...the next summer I was the guy telling everyone not to miss it....

6:48 AM  

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