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who ever says having a dog isn't like having a kid...they're wrong...

i find it weird to decide what to write about when i'm not sure when i can post again...i have to make it good cause it's gonna'm so weird! oh, and no promises here that this will be good...

anyways, i figured i'd update the web on what i've been telling everyone else about dog. turns out, dog's eating tuna salad sandwiches from subway isn't very good for their stomachs, or for their owner's hardwood floors, or carpets, or their sleeping patterns. it's not good for digestion, for stomach pain, or for general sanity.

yes, i finally gave in and bought a foot long sub instead of just a 6 inch (which really is only like 4 inches these days) for $5 and i figured i'd eat the second half of the sandwich on the second day. the problem with that of course, is remembering to bring the sandwich with me to work, instead of taking it out of the fridge and leaving it on the kitchen counter. 5 minutes later on the way to work, i remembered the sandwich, and knew that it had already been eaten. and true to Brayson form, i returned home at the end of the day to have the plastic and paper wrapper in pieces all over my apartment floor, and there was nothing even remotely resembling a sandwich left. at first, no bad signs of strangeness coming out the other end of him, but two days later, another story began. one day i came home to (without getting too nasty) both diarrhea and vomit all over the apartment. the unfortunate thing was that he had also vomited on his bed, which had slid under My bed, and i didn't find it until 45 minutes later, when i thought i had everything cleaned up but couldn't get rid of the horrible smell. once it was found, the bed was thrown use in trying to clean it. i was hoping the worst was over, but it wasn't. the next night, he woke me up at 3:45am with a few barks, a clear plea to take him outside. (unfortunately i hadn't woken up from his repeated panting, and he had already pooped in the apartment, thank goodness he barked to wake me up..or else...) so at 4am i cooked ground beef, mixed it with cottage cheese and gave it to him, hoping it would help sooth his stomach. unfortunately it didn't kick in right away, and he woke me up again at 6 and then 7:30 on a morning that was the first in a few weeks that i was supposed to be able to sleep in...soooo annoying. that was the worst of it though, and it seems that after a few more servings of beef/cottage cheese, his stomach has finally settled down.

today, however, we came in after a short walk and i realized that he had been licking his front paw for about 5 minutes. he sometimes does that a bit to 'clean' himself after peeing on a leg or something, but this was unusually long. turns out, he broke the nail that is up on the side of his leg and it was bleeding. i didnt' see him do anything that could have resulted in it breaking, but i know it really hurts him. i currently have it wrapped in make-shift-getto bandages, a little toilet paper wrapped in tape...and he looks funny. he also hates me for putting it on him, and for about a half hour, literally sat with his back to me, sometimes turning his head to glare at me...then he'd walk around, awkwardly pawing the air to figure out how to get it off...he's truly priceless!!

oh Brayson, oh Brayson, what Would i do without you?:)

he hates me sooo much right


Anonymous Anonymous said...

oh my, oh my, how i do adore our pooch. you're right... what would you do without him? have many less chuckles, that's for sure. and of course you'd be out many lovin' moments as well:):)

9:20 PM  
Blogger iloveredheads said...

hey reshae..i love this post..brayson and pedro can be twins now...somehow he also injured his paw and lost his dew claw (i think that's what the little side one is called) fortunately for me i think losing that nail has made him behave better..hah..who knew?

4:54 PM  

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