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i'm in love!!

ok, so i never really have enjoyed Comic's that are turned into movies, or anything like them. i've never liked spiderman, superman, or batman. i've seen some of the movies, and missed most of the rest. i've enjoyed Val Kilmer and George Clooney as Batman, but don't remember anything of the movies themselves. Christian Bale is hot and so i watched the last Batman movie Batman Begins, but honestly didn't enjoy it at all. So when i heard there were tickets to Dark Night i decided i'd go, mostly because of Heath Ledger. i got to see it at the Imax at Navy Pier and OMG...this movie is Freakin-fantastic. seeing it in that theatre, and seriously, the plot i thought was clever, Heath Ledger is stunningly amazing, and i like Maggie Gyllenhaal Soooooo much better than Katie Holmes, which i thought was Horrible in the last film. the Entire movie is's crazy. the whole time i recognize buildings, streets, skylines. it's awesome. every time they're driving it's on streets i know and at one point there's stand still traffic right on Wacker Dr and the's amazing.

now i hope this overdone enthusiasm doesn't ruin the movie for anyone else. most of the time when i'm expecting fireworks from a film, i'm disappointed, but seriously, it's a great film and it being in Chicago is just icing on the cake. though i have to say Heath Ledger makes the film. it's great!! go see it!!

this trailor doesn't do it justice...


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