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paper airplanes on steroids and LSD

So, i'll be attending an Annual RedBull Flugtag (flying day) event on saturday...and i'm so excited. i remember seeing commercials for the event but didn't actually know it was real, or that it was going to be held at North Ave Beach in Chicago, the same beach i saw the AVP tournament last summer and where i frequently play beach volleyball. i'm totally stoked...and don't you worry, plenty of pics will be posted to show how interesting, and crazy people are sometimes...the idea is that people can win the competition by creating the most interesting flying air craft, pushing it off a 30 foot cliff and having it stay in the air the longest. the contraptions people have come up with are very individual, interesting and totally fun to watch...also, all their hard work is ruined the minute their aircraft lands in the'll be great!!

check these out to help explain...

redbull flugtag 2008 Chicago


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