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the results of my laziness

in the back of my apartment building is an alley...and it's not a great place to walk my dog and provide him with ample grass for 'him to poop on'. so i always take him out in the front of my building in the morning and afterwork. The problem is, the garbage is in the back of the building, but i'm LAZY and don't want to walk all the way around my building (which is all the way around a block's worth of buildings because there's no space between each building/house) once my dog has done his 'business', i take the bag of poop, walk through the basement of my building to the back and climb the three flights of stairs, and when at the top, i throw the poop bag, aiming away from the parked cars and as close to the garbage as possible...which i consequently place into the garbage can when i leave for work. the extra 10 feet it would take me to just put the bag in the garbage in the first place, then having to open the locked door again is just too much time wasted. unfortunately, sometimes my aim is a little off...
the green bag of poop literally landed on the wire between my building and the pole behind it. i couldn't do that i if i tried a million times. sadly, even in the windy city the bag hasn't been blown to the ground yet. one can only hope to Not be walking under it when it finally gives way. it is a biodegradable bag after all...and so are it's contents.


Blogger Melanie said...

That is so frickin' funny! I totally just laughed out loud, at work. And I would just like to say, thank you for not collecting a week's worth of crap in one bag and storing it next to the stairs where anyone can smell the wafting that takes place. This would be my lovely upstairs neighbor who actually does this. So gross! BLLLEEECCCHHH!

1:47 AM  
Blogger Reshae said...

EEEUUUWWWW thanks i would Never do that!!

booo neighbors!!

5:39 PM  

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