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target run #1

so i just returned from target...after having bought nothing of which i went there for, and a few too many things that i probably shouldn't have bought. i finally invested in some "work out" clothes. and i put those two glorious words in quotations because i use them loosely. 'working out' is the occasional 15 minute run, and then some bouncing up and down on a big Core Secrets ball a couple times a month. but i figure, if i have some fancy clothing...perhaps i might be encouraged to put them on more often...and then what good would it be to put them on and not use them for their intended purpose? regardless of my current state of being in (or out of) shape, i am trying, i am.

in any event...i will return another day to try and get what i actually went there for. oh darn, another target run...what will i do?


Blogger bexala said...

Can I come? Spring Lake doesn't have a target...the closest one is in Muskegon or Holland I think and I haven't found it yet. I've been going through withdrawl.

6:29 PM  
Blogger Reshae said...

no target in spring lake?? i can't believe it. i'm sooo sorry my dear. after waiting 13 months in motown to get one, i feel your pain. you are welcome to join me on ANY time!!

7:45 PM  

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