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the good ol' days

oh for the day when spring break meant time to spend with friends, time to travel south and lounge on the beach and come back to school with a tan (well, in my case it was always a lobster-like burn...but i'm reminiscing...i can remember it how i want to!!) oh for the day when spring break meant i was able to not think about school, or about the rest of the semester, and just work a hard 8 hour day, go home and do nothing...and wait for a thick paycheck after a hard earned 40+ hour work week. oh, for the day when spring break meant i Thought i'd be able to get 40 extra hours for my internship completed so that i would be able to relax come the end of the semester. oh for the day.

well, this spring break, this lovely 7 day stretch of what they call spring break involved me getting sick. twice. that's right, read it again..TWO TIMES i got sick. sunday night thru wednesday it was some sort of flu with a fever, achy body and stomach sickness. just when i thought i was getting better, i came home early from work with what is now known for sure as a sinus infection. i felt like my face was being stepped on by a load of bricks and my eyes had been rung through a compresser, while my nose is now like a piece of sand paper from using so many tissues (regardless of how many times i put neosporine on my nostriles between blows) and yet i sound like i'm wearing a nose plug. and on top of all of this loveliness, i've had so little energy i could barely make myself something to eat. not to mention get up to let my dog out. all i have to say is, it's a good thing that most of my neighbors were out of town this week because i can only imagine what a sight i have been walking outside 4/5 times a day being dragged around the yard by a black dog with my hoodie as far over my face as humanly possible because i hadn't showered, put on make-up, or put my contacts in. letting him out would tire me so much that when i'd come back in the house and land on the couch (usually) brayson would still continue to try to play and i'd end up yelling at him to leave me alone. well, kind of. more ignore him and finally he'd give up nudging his toy into my lap trying relentlessly to get me to throw it. however, in all truth, i am finally feeling a little better. i have to...because i have used up too many days not working, and it all begins again tomorrow.

i think my body was trying to tell me to chill out and relax..though not sure if i'd call getting almost deathly sick relaxing...but hey. a few good things did happen this week however. even though i didn't go out, AT all...including St. Patty's day, i was able to work on my resume for finding a job, do a little apartment searching in the chicago area, get antibiotics for said sinus infection, and talk to a friend from college who i haven't talked to in over a year and a good friend dan noteboom. a phone call after that long usually means "i'm getting married", but to the contrary, he just wanted to chat...gotta love it!! though, for the record, i would have been thrilled for him if he was getting hitched. not the least bit bitter, oh no...hehe. no really, it was good to connect with him again. so crazy where life takes us all!!

so. to finish off an already INcredibly lazy week, i'm gonna go grab me some ice cream, sit on the couch, read a bit of Pride and Prejudice just in time to watch Grey's Anatomy at 10pm. perhaps chat with a few other sickly friends on IM while i'm at it...hope you're feeling better soon hallie and danny.


Blogger swtpmarie said...

That's so crazy that you chatted with Noters because Bex and I hung out with Curtis last night! I'd love to hear more about how he's doing. I hope you are feeling much better. Sorry to hear you were so sick! Call me soon!

10:44 PM  

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